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Alexander City Land SurveyingAlexanderCityLandSurveying.com is a marketing website for Pro17 Engineering, LLC owned by J. Keith Maxwell, an Alabama Professional Land Surveyor and Professional Civil Engineer.

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Alexander City Land Surveying offers the following services:

1. Boundary Surveying – If you need to know where your property lines and property corners are, or you are purchasing a large tract of land.

2. Lot Survey – This may also be known as a mortgage survey or a closing survey. These are usually required by your bank or mortgage company if you have a loan closing coming up on your house. Even if the bank doesn’t require one, a lot survey will show where your property corners are located. The typical lot survey is done on a lot within a recorded subdivision.

3. Topographic Survey – Also known as a “Topo Survey,” shows elevation differences on the land.

4. Flood Survey – If you think you are in a flood zone or need an elevation certificate to obtain a flood insurance policy or prove you don’t need it.

5. Construction Survey – Contractors usually require the services of a land surveyor to stake out the planned improvements to make sure they are built in the proper location and at the right elevation.

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Tips on Hiring a Land Surveyor

LandSurveyingGPSitalyWhen we hire somebody, we pay them good money to do what needs to be done. Because of this, it just makes sense to hire the best in the industry so we get what we expect. Nobody likes paying good money and then getting lousy service in return, right?

When looking for a land surveyor, here are tips for you:

Choose from a pool of surveyors – Search for the different surveying companies in your area before deciding on a land surveyor. Aside from checking the Yellowpages, check out the internet and the newspaper as well.

Make a list of all the company’s names, phone numbers and websites so you can see their portfolio.

Make sure to hire a licensed land surveyor – Always ask to see a copy of the surveyor’s license to assure that he is in fact accredited and that his work is recognized by the state.

Hire someone easy to deal with – Some people are just too much to work with. They don’t easily understand what you want, and then they get frustrated when you demand for something that you’re paying for anyway. So, to make the whole process easy for you, find someone who knows how to listen to what you want and are more than happy to assist you and help you out with every aspect of the project.

Hiring a land surveyor entails signing a contract, but make sure that you understand and agree to everything before signing it. The contract should state that you will get everything that you pay for, and that you will only be paying for what you get. Be very careful with hidden charges.

For land surveyors in the Alexander City, Alabama, Tallapoosa County, Coosa County, the Cities of Goodwater, Kellyton, and Rockford, Alabama area, call Alexander City Land Surveying at (256) 392-8208 or send us a message here.

Ethics of a Land Surveyor

land surveyorIt’s not apparent to a lot of people that land surveying is not just Science, but it’s a form of art too. While a surveyor has all kinds of tools and machinery to help him do his work, he still has the last say on how he interprets the data given to him. This is why it’s very important to look for a surveyor with work ethics.

What ethics should a land surveyor have?

Probably the most important quality a surveyor should have is fairness and honesty. Surveyors usually deal with encroachments, so he should come forward if there’s a possibility of conflict of interest.

Surveyors should always make sure to preserve their relationship with their client. This also means that the surveyor should always keep information about a project confidential even after it’s done.

Possibly one of the things that clients fear most is being overcharged by the surveyor. This unfortunately happens when the client doesn’t have the slightest idea about land surveying. Just like with other professions, there are some dishonest surveyors who overcharge their clients but luckily, I can say that there are more honest land surveyors than dishonest ones.

Just to give you an idea, a survey project’s cost is based upon the length of time needed to have it done. The level of technical complexity is a factor as well. So, if your property has an unequal shape, is big and has difficult terrain then expect to pay a bit more to have it surveyed.

The land surveying industry comes up with new technologies all the time, and a surveyor might need additional training to be able to use a new technology. So, a surveyor should come forward and be honest to a client if a project requires skills that he doesn’t have yet. There’s no sense going through with a project and coming up with subpar results – this will only hurt your reputation and your business.

Because land surveyors do not work alone and have a staff to support them, the surveyor should always be prepared to be responsible for his team’s actions. A professional surveyor will always monitor his team so he knows what’s happening in a project.

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How to Estimate the Cost of Land Surveying

cost of land surveyingReasons differ as to why someone is going to need land surveying.

In a nutshell, land surveying is the art and Science of establishing and re-establishing property lines, corners and boundaries.

One of the most common reasons to have land surveying done is to find out whether a property is prone to flooding. Another reason is to have a property subdivided to either re-sell or give it as inheritance to children/ family members.

One of the instances when surveying comes in handy is to find out or confirm if a neighbor is encroaching into your property. Property encroachment happens when a neighbor knowingly or unknowingly uses a part of your property to their advantage.

How much does land surveying cost?

Now, on to the big question: how much do I expect to shell out for land surveying? The truth is there is no way to pinpoint how much exactly a land surveying service cost. No two land surveys are the same, and there are many factors to consider.

One of the factors affecting the cost of land surveying is that you have to hire a professional land surveyor. We all know that professionals cost more to hire, but hiring an unprofessional surveyor is not an option also.

To make the most out of your dollars, you need to hire someone with experience and someone who is recognized by the government. Only professional and licensed land surveyors have the accreditation and experience to perform a land survey.

If you are working within a budget, I suggest talking to a the surveyor about it. Most licensed surveyors are more than happy to give you a quote, provided of course that you know exactly what you want/ need. This way, you’d have an idea of how much you actually need to spend and maybe save or look for additional funds to have the survey done.

Another factor affecting the overall cost of a survey is the shape of the land. An equal-shaped property such as a square or a rectangle land is much easier to survey, therefore it will not be as expensive as a property with many, unequal sides.

I guess the important thing to remember here is that the cost of the land survey is proportional to the time and effort a surveyor has to exert in order to get the survey done. for instance, the bigger the property is, the longer it will take for the surveyor to survey it and therefore the more expensive his service will be.

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Getting a Cheap Land Survey in Alexander City?

cheap land surveyingIs there a way to get a cheap land surveying service? – This is probably one of the most popular questions about land surveying that we receive.

People need to have their property surveyed for different reasons, but not a lot of people believe that surveying is something they need to spend good money on.

That surveying is “just a waste of money” is probably one of the biggest misconceptions people have. Land surveying is actually an investment, meaning it’s one of those things that you want to spend money on so you don’t spend even more money in the future.

Now, what do I mean?

Let me give you a good example. Let’s say you are about to buy a property – perhaps a house and lot. Now, this is something that you’ve been wanting to buy all your life. It’s your dream house, and you’re about to buy it.

A friend of your suggested that you have the property surveyed, but you decided against it because a.) you don’t want to spend money on surveying b.) you thought surveying is nothing but a waste of money and c.) you thought it’s not necessary.

Fast forward a couple of years later, heavy rain suddenly poured in your area. Because you had no idea that your property was prone to flooding (which is an information a survey could have given you), you had to move out of the house to find a temporary place to stay, spend money on repairs and buy new things because they all got ruined by the flood.

A land survey could have, say, cost you $1,000; repairs due to flood? somewhere around $5,000.

Hiring a Licensed Land Surveyor

Another important thing to remember is to make sure that you hire a licensed land surveyor. By law, only a duly accredited and licensed land surveyor should perform land surveying. You don’t want to hire an unlicensed surveyor – they are not recognized by the state or the legal profession.

Another tip that I can give you is to let your surveyor know what you want ahead of time. This allows your surveyor to give you a precise quote. Through this, you can set a budget to have the surveying done without any hassles.

Is it wise to choose a land surveyor with the lowest price?

The answer is no, because the price should never be a base. What you should base your decision on should be the surveyor’s capacity. Is he able to perform what you’re asking with a professional manner? Does he have the experience to do what you need him to do? If he does, then the price really should not matter. Again, surveying is an investment and we all know that we only get what we pay for.

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The Importance of Land Surveying in Today’s World

land surveyingMost people didn’t give land surveying a thought until they needed it at some point. Many of us have heard about it, but didn’t really realize it’s importance.

Land surveying was started being practiced thousands of years back. It is, in fact, one of the oldest professions in the world. If land surveying could be replaced by another technique, then it would have been done years ago. Land surveying is so important, even in modern times, that it’s here to stay.

So, what exactly is land surveying used for?

Land surveying can help you a lot when it comes to protecting your investment. Purchasing a property such as a piece of land, a house or a commercial space is a big investment – possibly the biggest investment you’d ever make in your life.

A land survey will give you important information which will determine if a property is a good buy or not. These information include 1.) If the property is in a flood-prone area 2.) If the deed shown to you by the seller indeed reflects the correct size of the property, etc. These are just some of the information a land survey will show you. There are many more depending on the type of land survey you are having done.

Another use of land surveying in modern times is subdividing land. Although the act of passing inheritance was started a very long time ago, it’s still being practiced until today. Parents usually need to subdivide a piece of land so siblings will have equal shares. A boundary survey will make subdividing of land possible.

This type of survey is also useful is a land owner wants to sell off a small part of his land instead of the whole property.

We all know that cities all over the world are still being developed. New structures are constantly being put in place, and this is not possible without a type of land survey called “construction survey”.

A construction survey is done to determine where a road or a building will be placed, and if it’s a safe spot to do so. This survey is the very first thing done in an area before any kind of construction takes place.

There are many more uses of land surveying, and they are all very important in the modern world.

If you’re not sure what type of land survey you need, or for any kind of assistance, call Alexander City Land Surveying at (256) 392-8208 or send us a message by filling out a contact form.



The Value of an ALTA Land Title Survey for Hotels and Motels

ALTA Land Title SurveyHotels, quite different from other types of businesses, solely rely on a high turnover of clients in order to survive.

An area can have a lot of hotels, so they need to compete with one another for them to get more clients.

For them to do this, hotels have to renovate and upgrade often in order to remain competitive. It’s easier for a hotel or a motel to entice more clients when they have the latest technologies/ design.

In order to make renovations and additions possible, hotels need funding. They often do this through commercial lenders, who will require an ALTA Land Title Survey.

So, what is an ALTA Land Title Survey?

This kind of survey is almost the same with a regular boundary or lot survey, except that it’s completely based on the Minimum Standard Detail Requirements and Accuracy Standards for ALTA/ ACSM Land Title Surveys.

This simply means that this kind of survey follows stricter guidelines as imposed by The American Land Title Association.

The big difference between an ALTA Survey and a regular land/ lot survey is that every state “understands” an ALTA Survey. You see, each state have their own land surveying standards but because an ALTA Survey follows national standards, it doesn’t matter if a hotel is in Alabama and the commercial lender is from California – they will understand the results of the survey done on the hotel.

Another use of an ALTA Land Title Survey for hotels is when hotels expand their structures. When hotels do this, they need to meet the required number of parking spaces by local zoning codes. Zoning codes change regularly. They change so much in fact, that when an upgrade is done, the requirements have already increased.

An ALTA Survey can be used to identify new or changed zoning requirements, letting the hotel save up on its expansion.

For questions or assistance regarding ALTA Land Title Surveys, call Alexander City Land Surveying at (256) 392-8208 or send us a message by going here.

How to Go About Subdividing a Property

An individual usually wants to subdivide his property because:

  • He wants to sell of a part of his property
  • He wants to subdivide the property among family members

Steps to Subdivide a Property

The first and most important step is to find out if you are even allowed to subdivide a land. Subdivision property owners, for instance, have limits on what they can do with their properties due to covenants and restrictions.
People who are in or near a city’s limits then you may also be restricted to what you can do to your property by the city’s subdivision regulation. So, the first best thing to do is to call a land surveyor who’s familiar with the local subdivision regulation and what an owner may or may not do about it.
Once you’re sure that you can subdivide your land, the next step is to have a land surveyor go through it. If you are planning to have the land divided into smaller parcels, a surveyor will do the measurements and stake out the individual lots too.
Aside from determining the lot size, the surveyor will also be able  determine if you need to build a street for access once the land has been subdivided, what easements will affect the lots and attend to other important matters.
If the surveyor determines that the land is not accessible to a common sewer system, he can also conduct soil and percolation testing to see if the land is suitable for an on-site sewage system.
The next move is to plat the property. This, again, depending on the local regulations. In some cases, this involve meeting with city/ county officials and possibly with the local health department.
Once you get an approval for platting the property and after the actual platting, you should then file the plat in the county probate office. This is to inform them that your property is being developed and will be changed from being taxed as acreage to individual lots.
If you are subdividing your land to sell, you are required to make each lot go through a closing process to prepare them for future owners. Your land surveyor can help you with this process as well as with any legal descriptions that are needed.
It’s very important to choose a surveyor who has experience with subdividing a property, otherwise, you might have a problem with local authorities, future land owners and health departments.

For assistance, call Alexander City Land Surveying today at (256) 392-8208 or send us a message here.

How to Deal with Property Encroachment

What exactly do we mean when we say “Property encroachment”?

property encroachmentIn a nutshell, “property encroachment” means having a property step into the boundaries of another property.

There are different types of property encroachment, and one of the most common types is called “structural encroachment”.

Structural encroachment happens when a part of a certain building steps over the property line of another property. Let me mention though, that small “structures” like fences and gardening beds can be considered encroachments too.

Why do property encroachment even happen?

In most cases, encroachments are honest mistakes. This usually happens because the last person who surveyed the property miscalculated, therefore (unknowingly) giving the owners wrong results. It could also be a result of a misunderstanding between contractors and homeowners.

How should I deal with encroachments?

There are several ways to deal with encroachments. One of the easiest ways is to ask your neighbor, in the most polite way possible, to remove the encroachment. If it’s something small like a flower bed, then it should not cause any problem at all.

Sometimes, asking politely really is the best solution.

If it’s something bigger like a part of a building or a fence, here’s what you can do:

  • Strike up an agreement and have your neighbor pay rent for the part of your property that they are using.
  • Sell the part of your property being encroached so they can freely use it.

If you would rather use the part of your property being encroached, you can always go to court and request for an order of removal instead.

The Adverse Possession Laws

The Adverse Possession Law can be a real pain in the neck if you’re the property owner and had no idea that a part of your property was being used. This is because, according to this law:

If someone openly uses a piece of property and pays taxes for it, they can claim possession of it after a certain time period especially when no one complains about it.

Every state has different encroachment law, so we highly suggest that you talk to a land surveyor as well as a lawyer in your area so you’ll know the best ways to approach any encroachment problems.

For questions and assistance regarding property encroachment, give us a call at (256) 392-8208 or send us a message by filling out a contact form.