Welcome to Alexander City Land Surveying

We are Alexander City Land Surveyors! AlexanderCityLandSurveying.com is a marketing website for Pro17 Engineering, LLC owned by J. Keith Maxwell, an Alabama Professional Land Surveyor and Professional Civil Engineer. We are dedicated to bringing land surveying services to Alexander City, … Continue reading

How to Estimate the Cost of Land Surveying

Reasons differ as to why someone is going to need land surveying. In a nutshell, land surveying is the art and Science of establishing and re-establishing property lines, corners and boundaries. One of the most common reasons to have land … Continue reading

The Importance of Land Surveying in Today’s World

Most people didn’t give land surveying a thought until they needed it at some point. Many of us have heard about it, but didn’t really realize it’s importance. Land surveying was started being practiced thousands of years back. It is, … Continue reading

The Value of an ALTA Land Title Survey for Hotels and Motels

Hotels, quite different from other types of businesses, solely rely on a high turnover of clients in order to survive. An area can have a lot of hotels, so they need to compete with one another for them to get … Continue reading