How to Estimate the Cost of Land Surveying

cost of land surveyingReasons differ as to why someone is going to need land surveying.

In a nutshell, land surveying is the art and Science of establishing and re-establishing property lines, corners and boundaries.

One of the most common reasons to have land surveying done is to find out whether a property is prone to flooding. Another reason is to have a property subdivided to either re-sell or give it as inheritance to children/ family members.

One of the instances when surveying comes in handy is to find out or confirm if a neighbor is encroaching into your property. Property encroachment happens when a neighbor knowingly or unknowingly uses a part of your property to their advantage.

How much does land surveying cost?

Now, on to the big question: how much do I expect to shell out for land surveying? The truth is there is no way to pinpoint how much exactly a land surveying service cost. No two land surveys are the same, and there are many factors to consider.

One of the factors affecting the cost of land surveying is that you have to hire a professional land surveyor. We all know that professionals cost more to hire, but hiring an unprofessional surveyor is not an option also.

To make the most out of your dollars, you need to hire someone with experience and someone who is recognized by the government. Only professional and licensed land surveyors have the accreditation and experience to perform a land survey.

If you are working within a budget, I suggest talking to a the surveyor about it. Most licensed surveyors are more than happy to give you a quote, provided of course that you know exactly what you want/ need. This way, you’d have an idea of how much you actually need to spend and maybe save or look for additional funds to have the survey done.

Another factor affecting the overall cost of a survey is the shape of the land. An equal-shaped property such as a square or a rectangle land is much easier to survey, therefore it will not be as expensive as a property with many, unequal sides.

I guess the important thing to remember here is that the cost of the land survey is proportional to the time and effort a surveyor has to exert in order to get the survey done. for instance, the bigger the property is, the longer it will take for the surveyor to survey it and therefore the more expensive his service will be.

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