The Importance of Land Surveying in Today’s World

land surveyingMost people didn’t give land surveying a thought until they needed it at some point. Many of us have heard about it, but didn’t really realize it’s importance.

Land surveying was started being practiced thousands of years back. It is, in fact, one of the oldest professions in the world. If land surveying could be replaced by another technique, then it would have been done years ago. Land surveying is so important, even in modern times, that it’s here to stay.

So, what exactly is land surveying used for?

Land surveying can help you a lot when it comes to protecting your investment. Purchasing a property such as a piece of land, a house or a commercial space is a big investment – possibly the biggest investment you’d ever make in your life.

A land survey will give you important information which will determine if a property is a good buy or not. These information include 1.) If the property is in a flood-prone area 2.) If the deed shown to you by the seller indeed reflects the correct size of the property, etc. These are just some of the information a land survey will show you. There are many more depending on the type of land survey you are having done.

Another use of land surveying in modern times is subdividing land. Although the act of passing inheritance was started a very long time ago, it’s still being practiced until today. Parents usually need to subdivide a piece of land so siblings will have equal shares. A boundary survey will make subdividing of land possible.

This type of survey is also useful is a land owner wants to sell off a small part of his land instead of the whole property.

We all know that cities all over the world are still being developed. New structures are constantly being put in place, and this is not possible without a type of land survey called “construction survey”.

A construction survey is done to determine where a road or a building will be placed, and if it’s a safe spot to do so. This survey is the very first thing done in an area before any kind of construction takes place.

There are many more uses of land surveying, and they are all very important in the modern world.

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